Himalaya Zoutblokken

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Similar look-and-feel can be achieved with stickers.

Our Dry Age Cabinets are now available with Himalayan salt blocks. These salt blocks give additional flavor to the dry aged meat and purifies the air. The salt blocks are able to create the ideal environment to get the most out of your dry aged meat!

The Himalaya Salt Blocks are hip and able to give a beautiful detail on your cabinet. Besides that, the meat will get all kinds of positives effects that are attributed to it such as reducing bacteria and adding positives ions. Next to that, with the salt blocks, the meat will get a slightly salty taste which will give more temperament to the final product.

Despite the extensive tests conducted by us, the advantages can not be proven but the blocks does bring the appearance of the cabinet and the taste a the product to a new dimension. There is actually no maintenance to the salt blocks but it may shrink by long-term usage.

Adding Himalayan Salt Blocks to a DAC 2DS cabinet does have a estimated price of €350,-

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