It is for the result, the lifetime and your energy bill of the utmost importance to keep your condensers clean. This is not only relevant for Dry Age Cabinets, but for all your refrigeration appliances.

Contaminated condensers suffer irreparable damage!

We will always recommend you to have a refrigeration server agreement for your equipment in order to prevent demage, do also cover your new Dry Age Cabinet under this agreement. We could take care of maintenance, but this does often lead by far distance and unrealistic costs. So enjoy more of your cabinet by maintaining it by a reliable, your know refrigeration company.

Do understand that if there appear unexpected problems, you are always able to receive telephone and e-mail support from us.

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It is of the highest importance that your Dry Age Cabinet is installed correctly, so that it can function optimally and does have a good air circulation. Install your cabinet as demonstrated below:

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