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Lesage Prestige

Lesage Prestige sells meat of the highes quality. The beef is prepared according the Japanese craft and tradition and nowadays known as reference product of the Japanese and global recovery. The result changes into an exceptional and unique product because of the different farms and environment. From the very beginning until the en, the animals have received the most loving care and find themselves in optimal conditions. This way, the meat of several generations is traceable and identifiable since 1600.

In order to give the meat more flavor, texture and aromo than usual, Lesage Prestige uses the Dry Age Cabinets from Van Weel Koeltechniek. Quality meat must be treated the best as possible. (FR)

Similar Cabinets

Zegro - Rotterdam

Transparant Dry Age Cabinet with tiles at the back, finished with wood and illuminated letters.

This is also a "Detached Dry Age Cabinet" More information ›

 DAC2DV Documentation

Saaremaa Meat Factory

Transparant Dry Age Cabinet with soft shiny black finish.

DAC2DV Documentation

The Reed Sconce

DetachedTransparant DAC2DS performed with Custom Design.

More Information

DAC2DV Documentation

Nice To Meat 2017

Nice To Meat promotiekast voor beurs 2017.

  DAC2DV Documentation

Horecava 2015 - Makro

Transparant Dry Age Cabinet with wooden plank at the back.

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Little Falcon

Full transparant Dry Age Cabine

Presentation Cabinet: Nice to Meat

360 degrees two-doors transparant dry Age Cabinet wioth dark wood finish.

DAC2DV Documentation

One-doors detached Dry Age Cabinet.

DAC1DV Documentation

Two-doors detached Dry Age Cabinet.

DAC1DV Documentation

Two-doors detached Dry Age Cabinet.

DAC2DV Documentation

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It is with great pride that we can inform you that the standard 1 and 2 door Dry Age Cabinets, and all derived from these, are working and delivered with a natural refrigerant (R600a). This Means that we more than comply with the protocol of Montréal.

Van Weel Refrigeration works according to the new
Supply Conditions of the NVKL.


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