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Zegro is one of the biggest wholesales in the Netherlands, located in Rotterdam. It supplies a complete range of food and non-food for catering and large scale consumer. In the incredibly large supermarket Zegro is a detached two-door Dry Age Cabinet from Van Weel Koeltechniek, finished with a wooden casing that fits into the store.

With the large enlightened words Dry Aged Meat, the customer can easely see from a distence what this cabinet provide.

DAC2DV Documentation

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A detached Dry Age Cabinet with two doors.

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More Information

DAC2DV Documentation

Type DAC 2 DRB

A detached Dry Age Cabinet with two doors.

More Informatie

DAC2DV Documentation

Just Meet - Leiden

Retro-industrial look (On behalf of Van den Burg & Bol).

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It is with great pride that we can inform you that the standard 1 and 2 door Dry Age Cabinets, and all derived from these, are working and delivered with a natural refrigerant (R600a). This Means that we more than comply with the protocol of Montréal.

Van Weel Refrigeration works according to the new
Supply Conditions of the NVKL.


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